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IT Support & Helpdesk – info for user
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IT Support & Helpdesk – info for user


Our ticketing portal is a program from Kayako –

How to place a ticket for support

  • Send an E-mail to
  • Or
  • Login with your credentials on the web portal and register a ticket.

After entering a ticket, you get a confirmation e-mail which is autogenerated.

How to login to the portal

You have received an E-mail with your login details. Your username should be or and your given password to the Kayako website.

If you don't know your password, you can receive a new password by clicking on the “Lost password” link below the login field.

How to respond to tickets

There are two ways of responding to a ticket.

  • Reply on the E-mails from the program Kayako, or
  • Login and use the functionality on the web portal.

General guidelines

  • Give as much information as you can. Telling “My PC does not work” is to wage. I.e. PC does not reboot or trying open a program and the PC froze picture, will be better.
  • Always stay on the subject and the first issue.
  • Never add several requests in the same ticket – instead enter several tickets.
  • When a ticket is resolved/closed it’s not possible to answer anymore.

Priorities, Service Level Agreement (SLA) and response times


New tickets have the default priority Normal. Below follows a description of the priorities, SLA and response times.

When the staff answers a ticket, the response time stops. If the end user does not answer in a reasonable amount of time, the ticket will get lower priority, put on hold or even closed.

IT Staff will prioritize the tickets if necessary and work in a business focused priority.


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