If you need to use the platform application to update the SC8100 or need to make some data acquistion, you need to install the driver for the machine.

In this case please use the attached document to process correctly on different Windows platform. Please note that windows 2010 is sometime difficult due to other driver using the same signature.


Daily printout change from 0- 24h to 03- 03h



Software version:

CCoD 3.2.0


is it possible to change the daily transaction printout from the 0- 24h change to 03- 03h ?

So means, the costumer shift begins at 3 o´clock in the night and end at 3 o´clock in the night.


Change the file com.scancoin.receipt.common.DailyOperationsReceipt in resources/configurable/configuration

# supported values 0-23

# supported values 0-59

Symptom : SC8220 present green lines trough the display
Solution : install the FW upgrade to be provided approximately on June 25th, 2017


OJ and RCS 

Error description:

You can´t see the full screen.

PC POS  has started up with 1024 x 768 screen size with in OJ.

These POS PC's only have a size of 800x600 so the screens are to big for accessing, I've never come across this before how do I change the screen resolutions within OJ.


If you have Internet Explorer 11 it should automatically scale. It should actually scale also with older IE but only with the same ratio w:h.

HCM and CCoD

HCM sidecabinets with OJ

Problem description:
“Wrong” amount of notes in the AB box.

Have in mind that the important part is that the customer ALWAYS get the correct amount of notes. This is essential.

The downside is that the administration of the note boxes sometime is not fully correct and need for sure some understanding.

Normal operation:
When notes leave RB but is not picked correct (For example double pick) the notes are sent to AB instead being sent to Customer (CS).

This explain why the amount of notes might be:

  • Higher than the expected in the AB box.
  • Lower in the RB

The TOTAL PRESENTED amount is always the same  -1 in RB  = +1 in the AB

The problem is that you normally don´t empty the complete machine so you only see the “miscount” in the AB box.



A possible workaround is to place the suspect picking in the URJB box.
That way your AB box is “always” correct.

When emptying the URJB you count the notes and compare with the actual level.
All notes over that level should be put in the correct RB box. That way it will be correct.

Change in the


LocalWS|scancoin|HCM|properties|dispenseRejectsToUrjb(String)=F   Change F to T

SC8220 is able to read the serial number of the following currencies
Status : October 2017

When upgrading a SC8100, you can use both platform or SD card method.


If you are changing the machine type to change the number of currencies or change the language, you can also use both methods.

You will receive a file from Scancoin. In this file, you find

// for machines upgrade, from SN.001000 to SN.001003, model-type from SC8100-W01NE to SC8100-W05NE





  • a comment indicating the modification offered by the license
  • the license itself
  • currency codes
  • comment to understand the license to install at upgrade


Preparing the SD card:

Please get the latest SC8100 SD upgrade software from SCANNET.

Then put the “_Upgrade” folder into an empty SD card.

Then put the license.txt file received from SCANCOIN into “SC81” folder, together with the sdc files.


Is the machine already installed with the main firmware version 001.112 or above ?

If yes, just follow step 2 below.

If not, please follow step 1 to upgrade the main firmware first, then follow step 2.


1.           Perform SD upgrade to have the latest firmware into the machine. Restart the machine.

2.           Perform SD upgrade again. This time is to make the license change, in order to change the language.



You can of course simply take the license itself, use the traditional platform application and select the currencies manually.


For SC8220, we have 2 different external screens


Led can be configured to display amount of pieces.

LCS displal 2 raw and is compatible with multicurrency mode

Please check the following Youtube videos.




The item numbers are the following



1 line external LED display SC8220

30 USD


2 line external LCD display SC8220

90 USD

We will have later a bigger model, especially for CCTV monitoring, but this one is not ready yet. [Current status October 2017]

Put the bin file found in the distribution archive at the root of a usb key

Turn the DTC off


Press SET and keep pressed while turning the machine on. Release SET (one second time after power on is enough)

The machine will start with an question asking to enter upgrade mode.

Select if you want to upgrade the master FW or the AD FW

Upgrade last less than 10 seconds

After some FW upgrades, the machine might ask once to upgrade the AD too.

The latest version is on the SCANNET. Process exactly with the same procedure.

Im trying to use CCoD without a touch screen however the mouse cursor stays in the background, can this be changed so I can select through the menus using the computer mouse?


In this file: \resources\static\configuration\com.scancoin.common.display.DisplayService

There is a setting hideMouse=true, change true to false

[ Instruction PDF updated on 2017 10 18 ]
[ Acquisition SW updated on 2017 11 09 ]

To make data acquisition for
- new currency
- new note
- bad recognition of some denomitation
- counterfeit notes

Attached are the sampling software and the instruction.
The PC driver is in the CD ROM with the machine or on SCAN NET.
To capture the data, please simply follow the instruction step by step carefully.
After sampling, as the data will be too large for email, please also follow the instruction to create the download link.
Suggest to upload the data to one of below two websites if it is ok, so as to have better access for downloading. Both sites are free and easy to use.

First choice:

Second choice:

Because of big data size, please kindly make one download link for each denomination.

If your connection is very low, you can also provide the data on a External HD sent by courrier (DHL, etc..) to our Hong Kong office, Jimmy Wong. But before doing this, please validate the way you took data by sending small amount of data using one of the previous methods


information about spare parts number for calibration tool for note counters.


SC8100, SC8200, SC8220

Other products will be added later



For the SC8100

you need the 3 items

100-4OC35105106100 Calibration Board
100-MA35EA-CPA01 UV Calibration Paper
100-MA35EA-CPA02 MG Calibration Note (old version using USD notes)
100-MA35EA-CPA03  MG Calibration note (new version, non-USD)


For the SC8200

you need 2 plastic plates and 2 papers below

800-023525-000 Calibration sheet, Sky-blue  This is the plastic plate
800-023526-000 Calibration sheet, Black  This is the plastic plate
800-023527-000 Calibration paper, Blue
800-023547-000 Calibr. Paper White No. 4

For the SC8220

you need 4 calibration papers

158-SP808010900127 Gray calibration note
158-SP808010900128 IR calibration note
158-SP808010900129  White calibration note
158-SP808010100356 UV calibration note
158-SP808010900134 Calibration Paper Set , including UV calibration note (1pc), IR calibration note (1pc), Gray calibration note (1pc), White calibration note (20 pcs), and self-sealing polybag

OJ and Cima units

Limit the value insteaf of quantity

Could you please advise if there is a way to limit the dollar value in the AST7008 cash bag?
We have a situation where the CIT company will not take a Cima bag if it is over a certain dollar value (eg $50,000).
I know that we can limit the qty of notes in the bag.


This can be set in:



# Value limit for the overflow box for example CIMA.1.overflowBoxValueLimit=EUR:1000000



This error happens every time the DTC, mainly in its active version has a unexpected timing or coin passing under the IR cell.

1) make sure that the coins is perfectly clean, including very small bit of transparent tape. anything that could slow the speed of rolling coins, any scratch on metal along rail that could cause coin oscillation should be check

2) in case of active machine, check that the coin do not bounce back from the coin chute plate BACk to the rail and hit the next coin.

3) if you can't find the problem, try to record video with high speed movie from Smartphone, it usually help understand the problem.

Power consumption

This is not really official but I borrowed a power consumption meter to measure this.

RCS 400 2.0

I  ran  around 50 coins of each on a RCS 400 2.0 equipped like LUL.
Estimation and rounded up.

Idle: 50 W
Counting 70 W
Purge: 70 W

CDS 820J

Idle: 25 W
Counting 35 W

CDS830 and CDS9 power consumption

Idle: 100 W
Counting 110 W
Max 240 W

CABLE for DTC serial connection

DTC simple print cable

This is a simple crossed cable


Serial plug on the Printer side is a female DB9, thus reversed from former SC22, 202, etc.. but compatible with SC8100

For PC serial connection

If the cable is used to send the data to the PC and using some former communication protocol, on the PC side, RTS-7 and CTS-8 must be shortcut as the DTC does not manage the RTS-CTS.

1)      turn the machine off

2)      Plug a USB stick

3)      Turn on & Start the machine

4)      Pass very accurate number (keep in mind each number) of coin of each type one after one, do not care about reject or acceptance

5)      Once finish, press stop

6)      Press enter, the machine bip

You will see that a folder with export files has been created on the stick

If you manage more than 200 coins , please repeat steps 4-6 for every group of 200 coins.

Send us the files found on USB stick, with PERFECT documentation to match every single raw to the exact coin

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